4 Unique Tips To Get More Views For Your IGTV Videos

Instagram is an ever-growing social media platform in the world at present. It introduced many new features within its app. Instagram launched IGTV on June 20, 2018. Instagram offers many ways to promote your videos to attract your audience. If your followers are not engaged with your content, they may be muted or unfollow your Instagram account. Create engaged and authentic content to promote your IGTV videos and get more likes and views for your video. 

IGTV is the best way to promote your brand to a wider audience. Make compelling videos and get more subscribers and followers to your IGTV channel. Are you worried about how to promote your IGTV videos to get more views?. In this article, we will share unique tips to enhance your IGTV videos reach and get more views for your content.

Tip 1: Share A Preview On Your Instagram Profile

One of the latest updates on IGTV allows you to share previews of your IGTV videos. Sharing previews is the best way to increase your video views, and it helps you get more audience to your profile. Without wasting your time to increase video views organically, you can buy Instagram TV views to promote your videos on Instagram. 

When you post a preview video, it will appear in your follower’s feed. If they are interested in your content, they tap “keep watching” on IGTV to see your completed video. It is an excellent way to increase your exposure on Instagram and get more views and likes on your videos.

Tip 2: Use Facebook To Post Your IGTV Videos

Share quick teaser videos on Facebook and boost your audience to watch exclusive videos on IGTV. You can make more quality videos and share them on Facebook to attract your Facebook audience. You can upload the same videos on IGTV as well as on Facebook. Facebook owns Instagram, so they want to increase the number of people watching IGTV videos. 

Click the “share to Facebook” option while uploading your videos on IGTV. Sharing a link to your Facebook makes your followers click the links, and it yaks your audience away from Facebook. It is a great way to increase your followers and improve your video’s likes and views.

Tip 3: Post IGTV Video On Instagram Stories

You can use Instagram stories to promote your IGTV videos by selecting the story option while uploading your IGTV videos. It takes a screenshot of your IGTV videos and sends it to Instagram stories. With this, people watching your stories can tap it to see your IGTV Videos. It is a brand new way to increase traffic to your channel and get more likes and views for your videos. 

Also, you can create a short teaser of your IGTV videos and post them in Instagram stories to increase engagement for your IGTV videos. 

Tip 4: Promote Your IGTV Videos In Your Email List

Posting your IGTV video on your email list helps you to attract your email followers. If you are a brand trying to increase your business, then sharing your video in the email makes your co-business interact with your brand. Create valuable content and encourage your audience to watch your Videos on IGTV to increase your video views.

Promoting your videos on various platforms helps you to connect with more audiences, and it will boost your channel visibility. Create attractive videos and then on other social media platforms to get instant likes and views to your IGTV videos.

Additional Words:

Instagram recently launched a new feature “Reels.”It helps to create a short video content upto 15 seconds to promote their business. Creating unique content which allows you to impress your audience and reach out to your products effectively. If you want to get more views, you will buy Instagram reels views for your videos. 

Final Words

Create quality content to give valuable information to your audience before promoting your IGTV videos. Use these above strategies to enhance your channel reach and get unbelievable likes and views for your IGTV videos. 

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