About Us

Black Smiths Winery is infamous in the island of Malta for fine quality wines. Founded by Antonio Delamata in 1922, our winery has been refined over the years to have the perfect formula for creating fine wine. Incorporated in 1951, Black Smiths Winery grew larger and larger and started exporting some of the best Maltese wines to countries all over the world. A family owned business from the start, Christopher and Lewis Delamata currently co-own the winery, and continue the tradition of their great grandfather.

Today, Black Smiths is one of the top wineries in Malta, and is world renowned for quality. The advancements in viticulture and winemaking in Malta that we contributed will last forever. We helped make fine Maltese wine what it is today, and for that we are proud. As true lovers of wine, we have always done everything we can to improve the wine business. The production of our premium quality, single-estate wines will continue as long as people love drinking it. It’s always a pleasure sharing our fine Maltese wine with fellow wine lovers.